Welcome to DIGI-CZ

Logo-DIGI-CZ_2-fin-mm_maxWelcome to our e-shop DIGI-CZ. Our assortment includes modules and supplements to digital model trains based on DCC system. This e-shop has started six years ago as a part of „N-šopík“. Since January 2015 this site is independent and widespread.

Due to position and main focus this site is in Czech language. Some popular products will be shortly described in English, too.  The description of many modules in English language you can find HERE.

We are ready to sell our products worldwide. Published prices are in Czech Crowns (1 EUR ~ 25 CZK).  The postage depends on the size and weight of the consignment (small packets in EU 6 – 10 EUR). You can order directly using e-shop form or by email orders@digi-cz.cz.

Since January 2018 was e-shop DIGI-CZ moved to www.digi-cz.cz.

Our basic offer

Basic control modules

Pushbutton controller – Xbus TCO DIGI-CZ 002
DCC command station and booster NanoX-S88 – obsolete DIGI-CZ 003
DCC command station and booster NanoX-S88-2015 – NEW DIGI-CZ 203
Universal simple throttle – MiniMaus DIGI-CZ 015
Simple pushbutton controller (Mini TCO) DIGI-CZ 025

Communication modules

Overview of computer interfaces
Occupancy detector with feedback S88-N obsolete DIGI-CZ 010
Occupancy detector with feedback S88-N -2015 – NEW DIGI-CZ 210
Feedback display – XBus FBO DIGI-CZ 028
Interface S88-N bus to Roco R-bus  (English description) DIGI-CZ 033
Feedback encoder for RS-bus (LENZ) DIGI-CZ 034
Computer interface Gen-LI USB – maxi DIGI-CZ 017
Advanced computer interface GenLI 101 DIGI-CZ 029
Wireless computer interface GenLI Bluetooth DIGI-CZ 102

Accessory decoders

Decoder for model servos (NMRA Certified) Digi-CZ 294
Accessory decoder – motor or electromagnetic point machines, lights DIGI-CZ 205
Decoder for Tortoise switching machines  (NMRA Certified) DIGI-CZ 022
Rail crossing decoder (with sound and lights, for servos or electromagnets) DIGI-CZ 101
Advanced turnout servo decoder (with sound) DIGI-CZ 103
Decoder for semaphores DIGI-CZ 019
Replacement of single decoder Roco 61196 for GeoLine® tracks, 2nd version for TT system Tillig Bettungsgleis DIGI-CZ 024
Decoders for building and grounds illumination – overview
Decoder for houses illumination DIGI-CZ 032
Single lamp decoder DIGI-CZ 031

Car decoder

Decoder for car lights DIGI-CZ 023


Reverse loop module DIGI-CZ 011
Autonomous module for simple reverse loop DIGI-CZ 030
Base stations DIGI-CZ 021
Power supply station for DCC DIGI-CZ 204